Sunday, March 13, 2011

Coming to Theaters Nowhere Near You!

I've been cast in my first short film! It's a thesis project for a grad student from (I think) Columbia. I'm not giving too much away but it focuses on two step-brothers after their (step-)father has died. One's a nice guy, one's flat out evil. I'm the evil one.

The title is "In Denial." It'll be my first time acting for a camera outside of the nice sound stages in NYU's Tisch on Broadway. In fact, it will be the big step to getting me to have visited all five boroughs, as this is being shot in the only one I have yet to visit: Staten Island.

My costume includes a gold chain and leather jacket. The first question they asked me after casting me was if I owned either. I don't. Anyone have something I could borrow?

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