Friday, September 10, 2010

In Memory, To Home

Ground Zero. Exactly what you'd expect to find on any self-respecting New York based blog this time of year.

There is a lot of talk in the streets these days. I see copies of the Koran read on the subway. I hear people say in thick accents "That's the grave of 3,000 people, I don't care about their rights." I see others rail against ignorance and the fact that there's already a mosque just four blocks away that's been there for years. Still others who "just feel uncomfortable about it." It's "tactless."

There's a big banner on the fire department near my place, basically on the other end of Manhattan. It says "WE WILL NEVER FORGET."

I wasn't sure what I was going to do to remember September 11th the first time I spent it in New York.

I still don't. And I won't for at least another year.

I'm going to be spending the first part of the day in the one other place that seems appropriate, aside from the Pentagon or that dusty field in Pennsylvania. I'm going to be on board a cross-country flight.

My father suffered a setback-- a pulmonary embolism and is back in the ICU. The clot has been treated and as done all the damage it will do. But it scared our family more than anything I think I've ever seen. I'm coming home to Seattle.

Thank you to all those who have called, sent emails, texts, and Facebook messages. Even if I don't reply to everyone, your support is very much appreciated.

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