Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nonstop Bard

Last night at 2am, I finished performing in a reading of Richard II where I played Norfolk, Northumberland, Green, "Another Lord," A Servant, and a Groom.

Six hours previously, I did not know this reading was happening or that it needed actors.

And that's not the crazy part. That's actually sort of normal for a reading. The crazy part is that, while I've long since left, the show is still going. Right now. It's not Richard II anymore, I think they're on King John, but the same stage as I was on is still being performed on with probably some of the same actors from Facing Page Productions.

You see, Facing Page Productions is putting on, as I type this, The Company's Marathon. It's all 37 of Shakespeare's plays read onstage in a row without intermission. It started yesterday and will finish this Saturday, with no breaks. If you want to see Julius Caesar at 4:30am tonight, you can go see Julius Caesar at 4:30am. Expect to be out around 6:30am, in time for Much Ado About Nothing. And so on.

It's a place full of comfy chairs and sofas onstage, literally piles of scripts, and a constant stream of the most famous drama in the English language. If you come to watch, don't be surprised if you get sucked into the story. I don't mean engrossed. I mean handed one of the parts and asked to perform.