Monday, June 11, 2012

My Next Show: Dramatic Improv with DICE Theater

In just about two weeks I'm going to go onstage with a bunch of pretty, talented actors, and perform onstage. And I have no idea what any of us will be doing.

I've joined the ranks of DICE Theater. We do improv. Only we do it a little differently. Most improv groups' express goal is to make you laugh. Our goal is to make you feel like the characters you're seeing are real. Yes it can be funny sometimes, but more to the point, it's powerful.

I don't know what you'll see, but from what I've seen the rest of the company do, it's going to be good. I do know that we will also follow it up with a ten minute play inspired by a past improv session that has won a couple awards, and then host a reception.

So here is what I advise you do. Five simple steps:

Step 1: Buy a ticket for yourself and a friend (or several) or a date (....or several) here. ($10 for one)

Step 2: On Saturday, June 23rd, Come to the Drama Bookshop's black box theater at 250 40th St, before the 7:30pm showtime. Get a good seat.

Step 3: Enjoy our show.

Step 4: Clap a lot at the end. If you really really really liked it, you can stand up while clapping, too.

Step 5: Hang out with me and my friends afterwards at the reception.

You can do that, right? See you there!

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  1. I was seriously about to say that I wish I could go, but my commute from Atlanta is a little far--UNTIL I REMEMBERED THAT I WILL TOTALLY BE IN NEW YORK ON THE 23RD.

    And then I ALSO remembered that the reason I'll be in New York is to go to a wedding happening that night. Sigh. It was almost perfect.

    This show sounds awesome and I'm sure I would have loved it, and also it would have been awesome to meet you in person! Either way, I hope you have a great show and break some serious legs. Seriously, SO sorry I can't be there!