Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back In Town

Haven't heard from me? I was on vacation. Happens a lot. I spent the last two weeks in Washington state with a short trip or Portland, OR. I am now back in New York, and back in business.

I have to say, Seattle makes New York look old and dirty. Also behind the times in a few ways. I have to struggle to figure out how to recycle out here. Now in Seattle, not only is recycling in every store and restaurant, but so is composting. It's not a hippie campaign effort, it's municipal law. We caught the best week of weather in the entire year as well, so the place was gorgeous. Views every direction from everywhere. The south lake union area is really starting to grow...

Every time I drove past the new headquarters of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, I kind of had to stop and wonder. I know they're hiring like crazy right now, and I might have the credentials for some of the work they need, with my degree in political science and international studies, and my 60+ country travel experience. I'd live near my parents, sister and brother in law, nieces, probably in a nicer apartment for the same money...

But... that would mean an end to acting in New York. Maybe an end to acting period. I mean don't get me wrong, Seattle has some great theater, but NYC is home to Broadway, a good handful of major motion pictures, and 23+ national TV shows. If I'm gonna act professionally, I'm gonna act here.

So here I am. Back in Spanish Harlem, 25 years old, with headshot and resume in hand, ready to work.


  1. composting is municipal law?! fascinating. Also, you'd be interested in this little known fact: Minneapolis has the largest number of theaters per capita of any US city.

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