Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Next Project

I have just been cast in the student film Archetype, set in an upscale Manhattan architecture firm, where Mike, an intern, has been left alone in the office for the day, which he has been assured will be a quiet, uneventful one. I think you can guess how accurate that prediction turns out to be.

My character breakdown was as follows: Mike has interned at the architecture agency for five years but today he is left alone to deal with the difficult clients that demand his attention despite his low-level position. He is unprepared but unafraid.

So it's official: I'm playing Mike. Yes, I will be portraying a smoker on camera. No I will not actually be smoking. Filming takes place August 7-8, just before I leave for a couple weeks at home. It's my first film, and my first lead role on camera for anything with a script longer than two pages. It's a character and script I like, and the director/writer seems really cool.

Here's the interesting part. The script is based on true events. Very closely. So closely, in fact, that none of the names have been changed. That's something I might have to talk to the writer about, as, while I'm pretty sure I'll be fine, I don't want him to get sued. While hilarious, some of the character portrayals are not all that flattering. I'll keep you all posted on that, and of course how and where you can watch the finished product when it comes out.


  1. Interning for FIVE YEARS? That's a long time and perhaps it's own story? Or is that usual for architects? Looks like great role for you and one to have a lot of fun with. Looking forward to seeing it.

  2. That's awesome! Congrats!