Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lower East Side Resident Wanted

Several years ago, a fairly famous friend of my father's was walking through (I think) the east village, saw something unusual, turned to his companion, and asked "...did the midget in the red dress really set his beard on fire?"

Well, this is now the area of town I've got about a week to research. I'm going to be portraying someone who lives and/or works in the Lower East side. I just need to find the someone. My technical borders are from 14th St to Canal St, and 4th Ave to the East River. I will be acting as this person for about twenty minutes, with a monologue of their story.

If you know (or are) someone who lives and/or works within those borders and has an engaging story to tell, let me know. I have a slight preference for men, just because I'll have an easier time portraying one for twenty minutes, but beyond that, I'm open to just about anyone. Once again, I need to find and pick this person by the end of next week, so the sooner I hear from you, the better. Thank you all!

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  1. I'm no New Yorker (let alone a Lower East Sider), but I enjoyed reading at you'll be doing some (presumably) documentary theater-style work. I once interviewed and played an 80 year old Midwestern woman for a documentary theater piece; who subsequently became my adoptive grandmother.

    Good luck, have fun.