Friday, February 11, 2011

What Is Work, Anyway?

There's a kind of odd saying that's been playing a lot through my head lately: "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." Probably because my schedule for the past week has been full enough to put me to 5-6 hours of sleep a night. Just like high school, right?

Yesterday would be a pretty good example, I think:

1:30 am: finally arrive home, check on sleeping couch surfer, brush teeth, pass out.
7:30 am: Wake up to alarm
7:45 am: actually haul myself out of my warm bed and into the cold air of my bathroom.
7:45:03 am: stop shivering now that I've shot into the hot shower.
8:10 am: convince myself to get out of shower, throw together breakfast while improvising a packed lunch.
8:25 am: leave home for Edge Studio, already running late.
9:00am: arrive at Edge to do my office work (which I am paid for in voiceover training)
10:00 am: break down and eat my "lunch" a little early.
12:30 pm: go buy two 99 cent slices of pizza for real lunch.
4:00 pm: leave Edge for Riverdale, pick up Falafel on the way from nearby food cart.
5:00 pm: tutor student number one, get message from student number two, cancelling session, meaning I'll be half an hour late instead of two and a half hours late to...
7:00 pm: Rehearsal. I arrive back from Riverdale to midtown where we are rehearsing in the theater for the first (and only) time for our show.
10:00 pm: leave rehearsal for Couchsurfing meetup
10:30 pm: get to Couchsurfing meetup, check on Surfer, say hi to friends, sure I'll leave home in about half an hour.
12:00 am: leave for home.

It's not all work and no play. I do a little office work, yes, but the rest of my time is spent either teaching students stuff, making sure whichever couchsurfer is crashing at my place is okay, and rehearsing for a play I'm in. What's work and what's play?

What feels like about a month ago (probably about five days) my girlfriend and I were hanging around my place, and I mentioned something about thinking about getting a TV. This is something I've been mentioning for a couple months, without any real inclination to do anything about it. She said "well, yeah, you need something mindless and entertaining sometimes." You know, to relax.

What a concept.

Well, my show opens Monday, and I've already got my next auditions lined up. After logging about 35 hours in at Edge, I don't need to be doing 9-4 there anymore, and I've got as many as three new students (all brothers) I might be tutoring. Which will be really nice if I'd like to pay rent without dipping into my savings. Plus private voiceover training starts Tuesday. And probably a few other things I've now forgotten. Yes.

But first, another student tomorrow morning, then rehearsal. Then I plan on sleeping from about 4pm to noon the next day, thank you very much.

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  1. Stumbled onto your blog. You had us until we read the sleeping 4PM to noon. With three children and two uncertain jobs, a four hour stretch of sleep would be a triumph. We can't remember back that far. Enjoy.